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The team at Droid Turf is a small group of truly dedicated bloggers, producers, designers, and enthusiasts who have been passionate about mobile technology for a large part of their life. For many of us, this is just a part-time job on the side. Some of us additionally work full-day jobs, and others are full-time degree-seeking students in college or graduate school. However, we all have one thing in common, our love for Google, the Android Ecosystem and everything surrounding it.

Do you constantly find yourself reading about the evolution of our mobile world? If so, you may want to consider a place at Droid Turf, where you'll have a voice and be able to share your thoughts on tech with the world.

All our coverage is published on the Droid Turf company website and across nearly a dozen connected social platforms! This is a great opportunity to build upon your resume, past experience and have your voice heard!

We're always open to hiring talented and knowledged individuals to our team. And right now may be the best time to become a Droid Turf contributor. Our available positions include:

Writers (Authors) -- someone who is willing to contribute through writing. This can include just about any of the following. Daily news coverage, device reviews, opinion, deals, tutorials, comparisons, and overviews.

Video Producer - someone who has the experience and willingness to be in control of our newborn YouTube channel. You'll be responsible for uploading high-quality videos in which you shoot and edit yourself.

***As of right now we can't afford to compensate writers, however, we hope to in the near future! We ask that contributes produce at least 4-5 posts per week (About 250 words each on average). However, other arrangements can be made if you're strongly committed. There is plenty you can do and we grant extra permissions with time and trust.

Think you have what it takes to become a contributor for Droid Turf.. . .?
Apply to Join the Team by filling out the form & SEND 2X ANDROID TECH ARTICLE SAMPLES or a link to experience!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask via email or through our contact page.
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