merk ilmoit suosikiks Did you ever want to live in Canada with your family legally? (Mumbai) piilota tämä ilmoitus tuo esiin

Have you ever dreamed of going to Canada but did not know how?

Do you know you qualify for Canadian Permanent Residency but can't pay the money for a skilled Canadian immigration consultant to represent you?

Well now there is an extraordinary opportunity for a self - starter to trade their skills for the skills of an immigration consultant.

What we need? We need 2 persons to consistently data mine over a period of months.

This is a very part-time project (2 hours a day) in exchange for us processing your application to the government of Canada and full legal representation.

If we select you, you will meet us face-to-face online and see that your application is being processed properly and in a business- like manner.

To qualify for the Canadian Immigration program you need to relatively young, educated, skilled and able to speak English fluently.

This application will include you and your spouse and children.

Please send your CV. If you qualify we will contact you.
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