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Hay friends we are loan services provider. We are providing fund from all Banks & NBFC for............

1) Purchase of Home, # 8% to 10%

2) Purchase of commercial office, shop, industrial Gala # 8.5% to 15%

3)Loan against residential , commercial property and industrial Gala # 8.5% to 15%

4) Gram panchayat property also. # 8.5% to 10%

5) Lease rental Discount # 8.5%

6) Secured Business Loan # 10%

7) OD limit # 9.5%

Our speciality...........

1) Bast rate of interest

2) Minimum documents.

3) We are doing cibi case

4) Financial weak or not eligible cases.

5) We are doing builders cases also

6) 100% of property market value in case of Mortgages
or LAP

7) We can do 100% funding of Sale Agreement value in
case of puechase of any (Residential, Commercial or
Industrial) property (But that product on income
based only)

8) We are offering one more product for LAP in
this product u can pay.........

1st year only intrest
2nd year 10% principal and interest
3ed year 50% principal and interest
4th year 75% principal and interest
5th year your EMI will be start properly
After 5th year u can close loan

For any inquiry can call or whatsup msg on my no

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