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Let's TALK about the BASICS.. As a WOMAN you need'nt be shy to choose ....

You are not really sure what to say, so U guess u'll just lay down the basics. U like writing about things. U've written about most things that u think about at one time or another. But u have never written about intimate things. Not privately, nor from an academic standpoint. When u began thinking about it, u realized that u also don't talk about them, unless someone expressly asks. It's not the result of any religious or conservative upbringing - U're not ashamed or scandalized by the idea of it - nor do u think of it as being an especially intimate topic that one should reserve for meticulously mixed or unmixed company. On the contrary, U think of it as being a purely physiological response to stimuli, in the same vein as a hiccup or a good sneeze. Which is why u're having a hard time coming up with a good explanation for the fact that u won't allow anyone u don't trust on an advanced level to make u cum !!.

Over the years, U've pretty much gotten it down to a science. U know all the right spots to hit (stage right for a quick sure thing, stage left for a slow build) and U know how to guide someone there. U've never had an o'gm solely by vaginal stimulation (though u feel like u're on the right track!! blessed). U didn't have ur first complete o'gm* until u were in your 20s and had accepted regular masturbation not only as a matter of course, but as an efficient alternative to belting 60 minutes of show tunes in the shower as a de-stressor every afternoon before rehearsal.

Personally, porn has never done the trick. Unless U've truly run out of ideas and need some very creative scene setups, watching actors thrust comically large dicks into spray-tanned vaginas has never connected with u on an erotic level. This makes coming up with ur own material a daily exercise. U often use someone u're involved with, or someone u know, or even recent acquaintances as fodder for ur scenes. (No exes; membership is revoked upon departure.) (And no famous people. U were ostracized as a kid for this issue, but experiencing someone's chemical presence in person is infinitely more valuable to ur climax than looks or cereal meme versatility.) If each and every potential candidate has pissed u off in the recent past, U'll Build-a-Bear a faceless character - male 60% of the time, female 40% of the time - always with beautiful hands.

Okay, what else? U have faked an o'gm on several occasions.U're not proud of it, nor dou do it often, because it's ultimately a whole big production that doesn't help anybody in the long run. However, after an extended period of commendable sexual activity results in O'gm flat-line for some u-based reason, U will fake an o'gm. U fake as encouragement for a job well done, usually at the beginning of a sexual relationship. U think of it as leaving a trail of breadcrumbs indicating that he or she is on the right track. U fake a mild one, so that the quality of encouragement improves upon performance.

U never fake orgasms with one-night stands, because one-night stands are inherently selfish, and U're not trying to care about your ego right now. U do not fake orgasms with relationship partners, because U won't set the precedent that u will org without fail each and every time. U do not fake orgms to be hospitable. This isn't the W.

Okay, so... those are the basics. There's more to say, but U think we're out of time. Thanks so much for listening.
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