làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích Sound engineer: amplify recording (Nanuet, NY) ẩn bài đăng này hiện

lương thưởng: $10-30

This is a short term gig. I have three conversations which were recorded on my cellphone. My voice can readily be heard on the recording. However, the voice of my friend is unintelligible due to background noise including windshield wipers.

I need each one of these recordings made audible so that I can have them transcribed. I will pay $10 per recording provided it is audible.

The recordings can be found in three separate emails at the following email address. Login:
Recording816 @ protonmail .com
Password: mumbai816

Please go into the email and make the second person's voice audible and clean up the recording as best as possible. The first person who sends me a sampling of the audible recording will be paid.

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