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My name is Amzad Khan. And have more than 7 years of experience in Software Industry. I know how to create dynamic websites, CRM, CMS and API's for mobile devices. Apart from that I am also doing SEO activity and our websites are coming on the first page of Google.

Here I am looking seed fund for making online article posting website.

Through online portals
Users will get following things:
- Guidelines, important notes, useful tips, pros & cons for making future projects
- Sharing options for promoting any article on social networking sites & personal groups
- Open comment section between community users

Authors will get following things:
- User friendly admin panel for publishing articles
- Personal profile page for easy customization
- Options for choosing custom url for brand promotion

What we will do to make strong portal (website) all the points has been mentioned in the below:
- Will use MVC based architecture
- Hack free site
- Track users through IP and server side session ID's
- Every user will post articles with login details

What company's will get from us for their website.
- backlinks to make strong SEO
- unique visitors on their site
- different page visibility on search eninges

How we will earn money?
In a month we will allow only one article from one user, if he/she wanted to publish more than one then they need to purchase our premium plan.
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