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There is no other clutch like this Jimmy Choo. None. Its new. Its unused.

Jimmy Choo clutch bag purse. Shoulder. Jimmy Choo does not sell it to public. None of your girlfriends or acquaintances will have this type of a purse. None.

It is unique because you cannot buy it in any store. That's why it is one of a kind. There is nothing like this. Rare. The inside label reads: "Exclusively for Amway Founder's Council." It was designed as a special gift.

Jimmy Choo is exclusive and this particular purse is very exclusive. It does not get any better.

Its price will always go UP because (1) of high demand and limited supply (they don't make it anymore), (2) Its also an appreciating asset against inflation, (3) Its a protection against currency debasement. Imagine if you had this collectible before the recent paper-money debacle.

Buy it NOW because its the best thing you can do.

Absolutely stunning. Embroidered with gems. With a shoulder chain. Red, black and gold colors. Meticulous attention to detail.

Please leave me your name, E-MAIL and PHONE NUMBER/the best time to reach you. If you forget your PHONE NUMBER and E-MAIL, I can't call or contact you.

►►IMPORTANT: Serious inquiries with proof of funds! The price is Rs 2204999 (two million two hundred four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine) or $29,888.00 USD (twenty-nine thousand eight hundred eighty-eight USA Dollars).

►►NOTE: I may give you a discount if you pay with bitcoin (BTC) or major crypto currency depending on the market price.

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